Poem: Beauty in Danger

The balance between beauty and danger. The sun shining down over a dewy lush green field surrounded by grand trees. The sun is almost blinding in its brightness. Mesmerized by its natural euphoria. A step forward. A step closer. Out in the open space. But to be here is to be accepting death. Death of … Continue reading Poem: Beauty in Danger


2 Tales: a written documentary of two orphaned squirrels

They opened their eyes! And what a miracle it was! We were more than lucky to be there during one of their feedings when they slowly pushed their eyelids open to this strange bright world. Were not sure what they were expecting, but seeing them realize their ability to see, was heart warming enough for a whole winter.

Materia Medica

A special plant holding its place in many medicine cabinets for those looking to heal body and soul. Schisandra is an ancient herb in the Eastern world that is now spreading its roots to the West, gaining more recognition for its medicinal properties. This plant has a vivacious personality, very spicy, yet sweet, tangy, bitter, and salty, which gives it the common name “five flavor berry." With all of its unfolding qualities this plant could truly help a lot of people, mentally and physically.

Growing Pains

The order in which a plant receives the most nutrients is first the flower, the seeds, leaves, stems, and then the roots. A flower, so delicate, holds the greatest opportunity for a plant, its fullest form of existence.