Medicine For Plants

Nature has always been a refuge for healing. A walk through a calm forest or garden has never been short of providing the mind with its own serenity. A warm cup of chamomile tea sets the mood for a soothing moment of peace in time. Plants are the base of all our understanding of healing. … Continue reading Medicine For Plants


Your Period and it’s Spiritual Significance

Our menstrual cycles are parallels to our inner struggles, our angers, our time of needed rest. What if we could use this time to grow and understand ourselves spiritually?

Dream Feeling

Dreams. Perhaps one of life’s greatest mysteries. Some dreams repeat themselves over and over. Others come and go throughout a lifetime. A sacred moment we have in connection with the universe or a greater message to unfold and carry. But the dream, just in life, seems full of distractions.

New Moon Passage

The waves ebb and flow. The candles are lit for this dark night. It seems every month the New Moon brings us lessons of our hidden selves. The shadows in the corners of our light. Shades we don’t know we have until we’re pulled deep into them.


A flower that brings back memories in our hearts as children. A shared love of blowing away its puffs of magic and watching them float through the air. Dandelion is truly an amazing plant. It's quite possibly one of the most resilient plants, growing through the cracks of pavement in huge cities to covering open fields with its sunny yellow flowers. A great ally in our medicinal cabinets and forever nostalgia of our pasts. Learn more about its many sides below!

2 Tales: A written documentary of two orphaned squirrels

A large branch broken from a tree, some drift wood, a curved metal wreath planter for fun. Plenty to chew and plenty to climb. They were becoming more daring and more curious and we had to fill their attention with something other than us, plus the idea of them taking over the entire bathroom was a small nightmare of mine.