Dream Feeling

The moment when you don’t feel fully here, in your seat, is the moment when the crucial message comes.

Dreams. Perhaps one of life’s greatest mysteries. Some dreams repeat themselves over and over. Others come and go throughout a lifetime. A sacred moment we have in connection with the universe or a greater message to unfold and carry. But the dream, just in life, seems full of distractions. We try to focus on making connections, seeing events, finding symbols, filling in faces. How can this jumbled mess be my message?

What is that deep sometimes nauseating vulnerable feeling that fills the space in our dreams? Try to focus on the emotion, forget the visuals, and ask yourself what is tugging on your heart as you pass through these mirages? That is the real message. That is what ties you to this daily life. That is perhaps what is unspoken in our “daily reality.” Where have you recognized this feeling before in life? And what needs to be acknowledged about it. Spending time understanding our dreams is a great secret in life to understanding ourselves. Getting to know the part of ourselves that we don’t see from the outside.

However you may be feeling, whatever questions you might be asking. May you take the chance to listen in your darkest deepest moments of the night, to listen to the emotions speaking through your dreams.



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