New Moon Passage

The waves ebb and flow. The candles are lit for this dark night. It seems every month the New Moon brings us lessons of our hidden selves. The shadows in the corners of our light. Shades we don’t know we have until we’re pulled deep into them.

Every New Moon I find myself in the same uneasy feeling. Almost like a curse I can’t get rid of. As the light of assurance from the Full Moon fades, our ground begins to change form, as if our world as we understand it shifts and we are somewhere new, unsure of our surroundings. Some may say it’s coincidence others a guided map, but the Moon tugs on our souls as if to pull our inner tides to the surface. Its an outlet for healing, a planetary tarot in the sky.


Although, the New Moon can symbolize a time of darkness it is also a time of new beginnings. The dark womb before a new life. Once I began to pay attention to the events and moods of my life in correlation with the Moon’s rotation, I noticed similar themes, a sense of consistency and predictability became my reassurance. With each New Moon I could expect more foggy vibes, distance in my relationships, a time of looking inward, re-evaluating the person I thought I was and re-framing a sense of self. But most consistently I noticed new beginnings, new ideas, new and deeper feelings. It was almost hard to believe that every new job, every new home, every new era of my life, all lined up perfectly with the New Moon.


Historically the Moon has been a presence of mystery and lure in all cultures. Just as the ocean tides, we are pulled by its energy, spiritually. Perhaps you are going through a hard time, maybe you are afraid of some new changes that are occurring, take ease. There comes a sense of reassurance when you can see things shifting before you. But the most reassuring feeling, is to know that with each dark New Moon is the beginning of a spirited glowing Full Moon.

New Moon


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