2 Tales: A written documentary of two orphaned squirrels

A large branch broken from a tree, some drift wood, a curved metal wreath planter for fun. Plenty to chew and plenty to climb. They were becoming more daring and more curious and we had to fill their attention with something other than us, plus the idea of them taking over the entire bathroom was a small nightmare of mine.


A closet sized cubby hole with a chicken wired door was our solution. For aesthetics and outdoor practice, we had a sound-maker that played crickets at night. It was the outdoors in, and it truly was, poo and all. As entertaining as it was, the small zoo exhibit in our bathroom was becoming a full time job. And I could see the yearn for greater things in their eyes. It was soon time to figure something out to bring them outside.


All the while, my husband was really becoming in tune with his inner squirrel. He was slowly training them and they seemed to enjoy the acrobatics! I believe he may be The Squirrel Whisperer!


They were fully growing into their own squirrel personalities, peanut was active, wanting to play, yet dominant. Pecan was reserved, wanting to cuddle or just observe, and a messy eater. Keeping them entertained is a hard task for such an intelligent small creature.



The time has come, and they are now permanently outside in the squirrel utopia we built. The first few hours were memorable; they played, we laughed, they disappeared for 24 hours, we thought we would never see them again, and then they came back! And it seems they’re here to stay. We still wonder what they saw and did during those long 24 hours.


It’s been a journey and I have to say a great learning experience. It’s helped us to become closer with nature, to get over all the silly things in life, plus somehow everything that seemed like a lot before the squirrels, feels much lighter now without them. I like to think we’ve gained some parenting strength. Hopefully in the near future we will be able to buy a home with a very large tree in the backyard and they too can raise their squirrel families with our human family.

Happy Squirreling!


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