2 Tales: a written documentary of two orphaned squirrels

They opened their eyes! And what a miracle it was! 20170319_074425

We were more than lucky to be there during one of their feedings when they slowly pushed their eyelids open to this strange bright world. Were not sure what they were expecting, but seeing them realize their ability to see, was heart warming enough for a whole winter. Now with so much to see and explore it didn’t take long for them to discover as much as they could.


Each day they start to look more like a squirrel and move like a squirrel. The reality is setting in that in so many days they will be capable of leaps and climbs and no fear. Which is what we fear most. They are still very attached to us, wanting to climb up and down us like tall trees and nuzzling in the warm nest I call my hair. I’m starting to look more and more like a squirrel each day too! Feeding time has found its place comfortably in our schedule and the routine has really become quite easy. They are now 5 ½ weeks old eating 10-12cc of puppy milk and rodent blocks for their daily dose of nutrition. Since they acquired a taste for their rodent block, we’ve also introduced to them some outdoor sticks and a couple acorns for nostalgia. They are teething a lot so the sticks have been keeping them busy between feedings.20170323_131329

We hope you enjoy these fun baby squirrel pictures and next week we’ll be planning to build them a bigger cage! Were really taking on the crazy squirrel people role! Stay tuned!



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