Growing Pains

The order in which a plant receives the most nutrients is first the flower, the seeds, leaves, stems, and then the roots. A flower, so delicate, holds the greatest opportunity for a plant, its fullest form of existence20170217_143955. So much time, energy, and resilience to reach this point of flowering. Slow magic, my grandmother used to call it. In many ways life feels parallel to the cycle of plants. We grow from very small seeds and strive to reach our flowering point, which may not necessarily mean continuing our family tree but perhaps our peak of what we can give and share to this world, simply put, fulfilling our purpose. Lately, and maybe for many others at this time too, there has been an abundance of lessons. Facing adversity in our paths of growth. Not actually a bad thing, but 20170217_150301most definitely painful in every emotion. Humility is the father of growth. Growing out of the denial and seeing yourself as others may see you is a very difficult and humiliating experience, but one that eventually grows to humble empowerment and a feeling of being grounded. We cannot peak, bloom, or flower, without it though. We cannot feel pure true contentment, security, without it. Everyday is a moment of growth and change in the face of 20170217_144034adversity. Settling down below the dark clouds of emotion and ego we can feel our sense of truth. There are times where you want to hide and deny the spiritual responsibility you hold and this is a part of a wave of growth. Two steps forward one step back. And we’re all still growing, continuously, and it’ll take time, resilience, and lots of loving nutrients to reach 20170217_143854our pure flower. So good luck to you and me and may there be plenty of blooms in the future.


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