A True Protest.

After time spent observing from the distance the actions taking place in our country, there is much confusion. As a nation we feel so strongly that many things are wrong, and standing against them is the way to grow in change. Although, how you choose to stand against and how you choose to protest may shape the way the change we’ve been seeking is laid out for our future. Resisting against something you feel to be wrong is great, but perhaps is not the right path for the message we are truly trying to send. We have expressed our discontent; now it is time to move on to an action that is more impacting in its silence. Where the true protest lies is in our lives. If we are tired of the trash that has amounted from our consumption, we must stop consuming. If we are tired of the poison that is sprayed on our food, we must grow our own food. If we are tired of the choices our government makes for us, we must choose a path they do not pave. The true protest is in disconnecting ourselves from the choices we believe to be destructive. If we all came together and decided not to involve ourselves in the drama that is today’s society and sought into the woods of our souls and lives to choose a life simply of peace and love we would shape this world with more impact than we are now resisting a change we disagree with. The silent protest you make for you life is more effort and more discipline but speaks louder for the voice of change than any resistance we are making now. Choose to make your protest your life.


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