Grow Your Own Food

The ritual of nourishment, how we sustain ourselves day in and day out, the food we consume is essentially what makes up every cell in our bodies, every ounce of energy, and what determines our mood, our health; Yet, when observing the average person it’s seen that our priority in preserving this element in our lives has gone in an unhealthy and mindless directionImage result for vegetable garden photography.

Which brings up the question: How do you eat? And not just what you eat but how are you associating this daily ritual with life and your connection with the universe. Perhaps consuming food has become so mundane because it is something we do everyday and is now almost a burden in the bustling modern life. You consume food ideally three times a day. How many times do you make a phone call? How many times do you check your Facebook? How much time do you spend working? If you took those three times a day to sit down and observe the world around you, nourished your body with good whole foods, and felt the gratitude that comes from taking care of yourself, all around we may feel the difference of this nourishment in all parts of our lives.

Now that we may be questioning our relationship with the food we eat, we must now ask the question: What are we eating? A majority of the food in America is processed. Meaning the process from whence it came is a long one. More than not we do not know the life of the cow we are eating, we do not know where it grazed if at all or where it was later pureed and blended with preservatives to be stocked on the shelf and thrown in your shopping cart. There is a great deal of turmoil in the agricultural business and it is well aware that at the rate of growth we will not be able to sustain the process of food we are now sustaining. Although a drastic change is not ideal a slow transition to a different way of thinking and producing our food may make the way to a brighter future. If each person was able to maintain a small vegetable garden producing just enough food to feed themselves we would be able to reverse the black pavement path we are laying out for ourselves right now. If each person was able to sustain themselves through their own efforts there would be no struggle between high or low. Moving more in the direction of living off the land and providing what we need for our own selves. Not relying on a government for our means, not relying on a grocery store for our food.


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