Calm Pets While Away

Keeping your four-legged friends calm, when you’re away, can be a difficult task. Animals are very in-tune with our emotions and energies. When we are running late frantically finding the keys to run out the door for work, it can be a very stressful and confusing experience for them. Puppies especially are more stressed in these situations because you leaving hasn’t happened long enough for them to get used it and frankly they don’t want to ever be away from you! Below may be some helpful tips on calming yourself and your pets while walking out the door.

First you must calm your own energy before you can calm your pets: It might seem impossible to head to work not in a rush, but it can be done! With a little extra effort, waking up just 15min earlier could give you that just bit of extra time where you can get everything done efficiently, but not so that you are rushed. Eventually it will feel good that your mornings are under control and most likely will make the rest of your day better too. Also, preparing yourself the night before will help you feel more confident when leaving and even enjoy the calmness that is present in each morning.

Binaural Beats for pets! If you haven’t heard of it yet, check it out! Binaural beats are combined rhythmic vibrations that naturally create a sense of relaxation. They have been used for thousands of years with drums and chanting to create such sounds and feelings. Now there are a few different channels and you can listen to them online! Some of the playlists are even specifically made to calm pets. What seems to work best from experience is to already have it playing in the background (on very low sound, it helps if you can barely hear it in the background) while you get ready to leave, this will also help you get in a calming mindset. Slowly, as if nothing is wrong at all, lock your sweet pets up and walk out the door with the binaural beats playing while you’re away.

Essential Oils help calm pets too! If possible try to invest in some essential oils, they are a great attribute in creating a restful and healing atmosphere in your home! Just as the aromas can affect your mood they can affect your pets. A soothing Lavender or calming Ylang Ylang are the best at relaxing pets. You can put a couple drops on your AC/Heat vent to distribute the scent throughout the room or add a few drops and some distilled water to a spritz bottle and spray it evenly in the room where your pets are locked up before leaving the house. The smell will automatically trigger a calming affect for your pets and leave them relaxed as you walk out the door.

Ideally a combination of all of the above will bring you greater results but it’s always good to start somewhere! Once you get into the habit of your calming strategies your pets will catch on too and eventually will associate you leaving as a very calming event! Good luck and Happy day!

Marisa Mayeaux and Husband Colin Mayeaux care for their 3 sweet but occasionally spiteful mini dachshunds and a roommate Kitty the cat in their quaint home hoping to share some of their natural living knowledge and spread the wealth of happiness that comes with it!


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